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We are pleased to announce that, as of March 18, 2021, PowerGrid Partners, Ltd. has acquired operating responsibility for NexGen’s outstanding fleet of wind and solar projects across the United States which have produced over 150 million clean, renewable kilowatt hours of electricity to date.

NexGen Energy Partners, LLC is an owner and operator of distributed renewable energy systems sited at customers’ facilities. The company works with governments, schools, businesses and utilities across the nation to deliver its customers the benefits of clean energy without the capital investment and technical risk. NexGen Energy is based in Boulder, Colorado.

Ronald M. Abramson


John M. Brown


Bruce R. Bredickas, Jr.

Charles Newcomb

Thomas A. Henning

Stephanie Savage

Patrick Kelly


Robyn Kullas

M. Fred Brown


Leo Kaniela Caires


Michael Arquin

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